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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why Not A Means Test?

A means test is a determination of whether an individual or family is eligible from help from the government. This term is usually used in connection with referencing Social Security benefits. Instead of the President's Obama's bipartisan deficit commission proposing across the board cuts, why not first utilize means testing in programs like Social Security and Medicare first to provide additional savings there to strengthen those programs first? Does Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg, surviving Walton family siblings, and the like, need those benefits when they are worth billions? When this issue is discussed in the media there is always an implication that means testing would be politically a dangerous thing to do for politicians. How so if you are only means testing retirees who are in the top income brackets? I don't get it? This should be a no brainer regardless of what the corporate media says. How would this not be a winner politically for either side? I have yet to hear one valid reason why it would not be. Have the top earners now become so filled with pure greed that they are no longer willing to give up, what would be minuscule benefits considering their wealth, to help others less fortunate in this nation stay afloat in a "depression like" economy?

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