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Monday, November 8, 2010

Reform Watch

For months on the campaign trail countless republican candidates running for the US Congress like Rand Paul preached the message of getting rid of "big government", warning of an intrusive and expansive federal government. We heard the phrase repeal used time after time in reference to taking down the health care reform bill that was just passed by the democratic congress.

My question is simply this? Will US Senator-elect Rand Paul and the many others elected to the upcoming 112th US Congress who ran on this anti-government rhetoric, opt not to take perks like generous government ran health insurance plan options offered to them and their families by being members of congress?

If Mr. Paul and the many others like him are honest about their stances of less government, less costly and more efficient government, they will opt out of accepting the many perks that US Congressmen receive that are paid for by US taxpayers? The vast majority of individuals serving in our Congress are multi millionaires. Surely these congressmen can afford to maintain their own private insurance plans they had prior getting elected to office? Surely, Mr. Paul, a doctor, can afford to maintain the same private health insurance plans that he and his family were presumably already on before he ran for that Kentucky senate seat?

We will see early on with matters like this whether these individuals really meant what they said or was it all just rhetoric used to just get elected to office? We have already seen from Mr. Paul that while in private practice he had no problem receiving those government subsidy checks for his Medicare patients and pocketing them.

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