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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was watching MSNBC's Morning Joe. Joe Scarborough made the same nonsensical statement again this morning on his program. He stated that President Obama and his administration was having trouble working with Republicans. He suggest the reason for that is because "liberals" like Obama go to fancy prep schools and Ivy League universities and because of this Obama has had very little contact with republicans and therefore does not know how to work with them like President Clinton did. Huh?

I was thinking is he really serious? But I guess for Joe Scarborough why let facts get in the way of a meme and false narrative of "elitism" that he has been pushing for some time now on his program? What about Bush 41 and 43? What about Eisenhower?

Here are the facts about the education of some of our previous presidents.

President John Adams: Harvard College

President James Madison: Princeton University

President John Q. Adams: Harvard College

President William Henry Harrison: University Pennsylvania

President Rutherford B. Hayes: Harvard College

President Theodore Roosevelt: Harvard College and Columbia University

President William Howard Taft: Yale University

President Woodrow Wilson: Princeton University

President Herbert Hoover: Stanford University

President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Harvard College and Columbia University

President John F. Kennedy: Harvard College

President George H.W. Bush: Yale University

President William Jefferson Clinton: Yale University

President George W. Bush: Yale University

If I can do a quick google search and find this information about other previous presidents why can't Joe with all the resources he must have being the host of a show on a cable news network? The baseless assertion of liberal elitism because one possesses and Ivy League degree is the same meme right wingers have been using on democrats for the last thirty years or so. The facts do not support Scarborough or the other right wingers. Under their definition, Bush Sr and Bush Jr. should also be characterized as liberal elites based upon the schools they both attended.

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