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Monday, November 22, 2010

What Are They Not Telling Us?

I turned on the news this morning and they were doing a "piece" on Sarah Palin. My response is why? She no longer holds elected office. Does anybody remember she resigned only two years into her term as Governor of Alaska? The corporate media has given Sarah Palin countless untold hours of precious airtime covering her every syllable and I still cannot figure out why? In a country of 350 million citizens, her reality show has gotten only 5 million viewers and yet the "talking heads" and pundits claimed "there is a huge following for the show". Say what?

Okay math geeks let's get out our calculators. 5 million is what percentage of 350 million? Answer, about 1.5% or so. So only about 1.5% of Americans have watched Palin's new reality show but the corporate media and pundits claim mass viewership? Palin has not given any substantive answers to any of the grave problems facing this country today. What she has done is to take pot shots and barbs at elected leaders deemed to be her "opponents". And charged any journalists who actually attempts to do their job when interviewing her by asking strong questions, as being the so-called "liberal media elites." Yet, there is endless chatter on Palin in the corporate media from esteemed Sunday talk shows to cable network programs.

I began to think, what stories are the news media not reporting on that are really important for us to know when they are obsessing over the airwaves over Palin, Prince William and Kate Middleton's impending marriage or some other "story" that does not make a dimes bit of difference to ordinary Americans and our plight?

Hey corporate media, do you think if you regularly reported on actual things that matter to average Americans like what industries are shipping or starting to ship jobs overseas so that countless Americans would not waist untold thousands of dollars in getting certifications and college degrees that are basically meaningless because the jobs in those professions have been outsourced and no longer exist in America? Hey, corporate media do you think if you had done regular reporting on the manufacturing problems that Toyota had been having the last few decades that maybe a few more Americans lives would have been spared and not lost to automobile wrecks due to these defects?

If people are not informed about the important things going on in their own nation, then how can they make informed decisions?

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