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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Republican Michelle Bachman: The 9/11 Responders Bill Is A New Entitlement

In the "say what" quote for today US Representative Michelle Bachman, R-MN, made an appearance on Fox News on 12/22/10, prior to the President's Press Conference on the lame duck session in Congress, where she proceeded to say that the 9/11 Responders Bill that was just passed in the lame duck session of Congress is a new entitlement program. This bill was created to help cover the medical expenses and to assist in providing medical coverage for the heroic responders that put their lives at risk to rescue survivors of the 9/11 attack. Bachman, however had no problems supporting the tax compromise that added an additional $700 billion plus to the deficit to primarily extend tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires the week prior. The original 9/11 Responders Bill cost an estimated $7 billion but was reduced to roughly $4.5 billion as a compromise to get the bill passed through Congress.


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