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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Job Outsourcers Deny The Unemployed Benefits?

How ironic it is that the very politicians who helped make it easier regulation wise for US businesses to ship American jobs overseas are now the same politicians denying the extension of unemployment benefits to jobless Americans. What's wrong with this picture?

These are the same politicians constantly advocating for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires and proclaiming this $700 billion dollar give away does not need to be paid for. For every attempt at shoring up or creating a new program that will help average Americans survive, these individuals jump to say we cannot afford it and do not want to pass debt on to our grandchildren. These politicians have not seen a giveaway to the wealthy and big business that they have not liked while fighting any attempt to help the average American.

These politicians almost unilaterally will say they are "pro family". But what does that mean? If they are really "pro family" as they say, would they not be against American companies shipping jobs overseas at the very expense of American families. Yet at every turn, these politicians bend over backwards to support laws and legislation that aid American businesses to do just that. If Americans do not have jobs, how can they feed, clothe, and provide shelter for themselves and their families? How can one "pull themselves up by their own boot straps" if there are no jobs?

If they are really "pro family" would they not be for American workers getting paid living wages so that they can feed and clothe their families? Why then, do these same politicians at every turn fight against American workers having living wages? Would they not support the opportunity for every American worker to be able to have bargaining power with their employer for better wages?

If they are really "pro family" would they not want all American to have access to affordable health care? Would they not want every American to be able to visit a doctor? Apparently not, "christian" Liberty University waged a lawsuit in Virginia against the health care reform act that was designed to give the uninsured health care coverage. The university lost this battle yesterday.

It is very clear upon a closer examination of these so called "pro family" politicians and what they actually vote for that they are really not for the family at all, at least not the average American family. They shill for the already well connected. Strange, I never read in the Bible or heard in my baptist church that God intended for us to help the already privilege but there is a scripture that does say we should help the least among us.

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