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Friday, December 10, 2010

Corporate Media Propaganda?

I noticed this summer that on every cable news network there was a "herd" mentality when it came to providing tax cuts for to the wealthy. While the right often slams MSNBC for being a liberal network, this bias toward giving tax cuts to top earners was just as pervasive during the morning and afternoon hours on MSNBC as it was on FOX and CNN. The corporate media has portrayed anyone who objects to this position as liberal. The majority of polling data from all polling companies shows that a plurality of Americans believe tax cuts for top earners should be abolished. But the corporate media and pundits continue to paint this issues as a liberal versus conservative debate. The question is why?

A Bloomberg National Poll was just conducted on December 4, 2010-December 7,2010. 59% of the respondents said that tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans should be eliminated. What Gallup Polling did in their polling on December 3, 2010-December 6, 2010 was not to specifically ask respondents about whether tax cuts for the wealthy should be extended or eliminated. But rather they asked should tax cuts be extended to all Americans. 66% of respondents said yes. Pew Research Center asked the question differently to their respondents than Gallup Polling. They asked respondents on December 1, 2010-December 5, 2010 "Which comes closer to your view about what President Obama and the Congress should do? Keep all the tax cuts in place? Or keep the tax cuts in place only for those with income below $250,000, but end the tax cuts for income above that?" Only 33% agreed all tax cuts should be kept in place while 47% agreed to keep only those tax cuts for incomes below $250,000 and 11% said in all tax cuts. 9% were unsure. There are other polling data out there that supports this data but you would not know it when you turn and listen to the cable news chatter.

Since President Obama made a tax compromise with the republicans, the corporate media and majority of pundits have kicked into full gear extolling the virtues of this tax compromise and painted any opposition as liberal. But why? Today's group think in Washington says giving top earners tax cuts in the middle of a depressed economy and two wars is the right thing to do. This narrative has been conveyed for months since the debate started over the Bush Tax Cuts. In my opinion the media is attempting to say that all opposition for extending tax cuts for the wealthy are just the base of the democratic party so that they can marginalize this opposition so that they can easily dismiss it. Am I right?

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