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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Loosing The US House To Republicans Is A Good Thing?

I have heard this meme repeated several times over the last few weeks in the corporate media. This morning I wake up and turn the television on to MSNBC's Morning Joe and there is Joe Scarborough and Donny Deutsch repeating this nonsense. This once again illustrates that the punditry class is completely out of touch with real America. In a US economy that has been decimated over the last 30 years with the outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs overseas which in turn has created an environment in the US where people with multiple college degrees are not even able to get jobs, we get to turn on the television and see the "chattering class" tell us that yes it is a good thing for a party who 100% supports the outsourcing of American jobs overseas, a party who wants to give American millionaires and billionaires tax cuts in a "depression-like" economy, a party that wants to privatize the main senior citizen safety net program (Social Security), a party that supports very few regulations on big business, and a party that wants to cut veteran's benefits, would be good controlling the US House of Representatives because it would give President Obama a foil to run against in 2012.

These folks have lost their minds! That is a luxury that the "chattering class" can afford to deal with for a few years but not the average American worker. With record foreclosures and record unemployment, this would be the last damned thing that the American worker would need to have to deal with right now.

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