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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bring The Jobs Back!

I am watching MSNBC and the anchor is gushing over the jean's company Levi Strauss. He is glowing about how Levi Strauss has come to a blighted town called Braddock in Pennsylvania to film a television commercial in a blighted building in the town. My first thought is if American companies like Levi Strauss had not sent all their manufacturing jobs overseas for cheap labor and kept those jobs in the US, you would not have blighted towns like Braddock in America in the first place. My second thought is this anchor apparently thinks this is a big get for the town because Levi Strauss is paying a few locals they put in their ad and gave a little money to educating some of Braddock's residents. Without jobs in America, educating it's citizens will mean very little. The question that should be asked is why do American made companies like Levi Strauss have no allegiance to this country? Without the hard work, blood sweat and tears of the American worker who helped to build the brand, where would Levi Strauss and all it's outsourcing counterparts be?

Answer, nowhere at all.

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