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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday News Shows - February 6, 2011

Here is the lineup of guests for this week's Sunday morning news shows.

Meet The Press
Senator John Kerry (D-MA), James Baker-former Secretary of State, Peggy Noonan-former Reagan speech writer, Willie Brown-former San Francisco mayor, and NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell.
CBS Face The Nation
Thomas Pickering-the National Committee on American Foreign Policy, Martin Indyk-former Ambassador to Israel, and Dr. Abderrahim Foukara-Washington's bureau chief to Al Jazeera.
CNN State Of The Union
Madeline Albright-former Secretary of State, Alan Simpson-White House Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform co-chair.

Fox News Sunday
The show has a football edition this Sunday with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, former Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver Lynn Swann, and former Green Bay Packer offensive lineman Jerry Kramer.

ABC This Week
The show will focus on the protest in Egypt with host Christiane Amanpour live in Cairo.
If you miss the live airing of these shows, they are re-aired on CSPAN Radio starting at 12:00 PM EST. CSPAN radio can be listened to on WCSP-FM 90.1 Washington, DC, XM Radio 132, and

CSPAN Radio for iPhone App can be found at 

To watch these shows at a later date, check the television network's websites that airs these programs.

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