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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here's Your Liberal Media

How often do you hear that the mainstream media has a liberal bias? Maybe, several times a day if you're listening to conservatives on cable news or talk radio or even on regular news programs with mainstream journalists? The right wing for several years now has been using what I call "rage rhetoric" as a call to action to their followers to get involved politically. The more extreme statements these individuals seem to make, the more they are asked to appear on various cable news programs as guests. The more they are offered huge deals in radio and television for their very own shows. Or they are asked to be paid contributors to what is supposed to be mainstream news networks like CNN.

Who are some examples? Bill Bennett, for starters, who stated "If you want to lower crime in the US you should abort all black male babies" was signed after that statement to CNN for a paid contributor role. Another example is Erik Erickson of RedState .com, a right wing blogger, who stated that "Ted Kennedy plots our deaths" and "The media has gang-raped conservative politicians" was also signed recently as a paid contributer to CNN. Rage talker Glen Beck signed several years ago for his own program on CNN's Headline News Network. Where were/are the liberals to offset any of this at CNN? Can anyone name even one?

Fast forward to the horrible acts that were committed yesterday against Representative Giffords and you seem to have a concerted effort by many reporters at CNN to deny that there is any kind of correlation between using extreme language in our discourse and the effect it could have on people listening to you.

CNN had a discussion on this subject last night after the horrific shooting in Arizona about Sarah Palin's use of gun targets on one of her websites on various politicians currently serving in the US House of Representatives. CNN and their pundits saw no correlation between this incident and all of this extreme rhetoric that Palin and others have been engaged in.

Sadly, Representative Giffords who was shot in this terrible incident and is fighting for her life, had complained back last March about Palin's use of these gun targets on current members of the Congress. She appeared in an interview on MSNBC's Daily Rundown where host Chuck Todd preceded to poo poo Giffords concerns.

Watch CNN pundits attempting to explain away Palin's dangerous rhetoric.

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